Janice in her Byron Bay studio.

Hello, I’m Janice, an Eco Artist and Nature Lover.

My home is by the ocean in beautiful Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, where I create magical abstract figurative wall art made with natural, sustainable, earth-friendly materials.

I’m passionate about the natural world. So, after discovering that traditional art practices and materials can harm our health and the planet, I made it my mission to produce non-toxic and earth-friendly wall art.

My paints are made using natural earth pigments mixed with a plant-based acrylic medium that is eco-friendly and petroleum-free.

In addition, I also incorporate homemade archival milk paints such as the ancient Egyptians used, which have a velvety quality that makes painting with them a joy.

These products deliver radiance to my art while also being archival and high-quality.

Natural paints contain no plastic or toxic fillers and have a brilliant luminosity that you can’t achieve with regular art materials.

My paintings are for eco-conscious collectors who love to style their homes with sustainable, non-toxic wall art that celebrates their eco-values.

I invite you to shop my latest collection of eco paintings available online at the Bluethumb Gallery.

Check out Etsy for the latest Printable Wall Art made from pen and watercolour drawings using my non-dominant right hand.

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Wishing you a beautiful day/evening,

Janice Lizabeth