5 Admirable Questions You Can Get From Tim Ferriss

Want a quicker way to think creatively today? Ask yourself better questions. I’ve recently read Tim Ferriss’s eBook 17 Questions That Changed My Life which you can download for free at his website (recommended). Known as an investor and self-described human guinea pig, Tim’s written one or two popular books

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37 Unbeatable Quotes To Energise New Writers Into Action

Being a new writer can be tough. You begin all enthusiastic, pumping out your first article, maybe a second, if ambitious even a third. Then the sound of crickets enters your head as you hit the mental brick wall of “I’ve run out of ideas”. These 37 unbeatable quotes will energise all writers into action.

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Allow Yourself To Write And See What Happens

When I lost my job three years ago, I hit rock bottom. I had been made redundant from my steady income earner of over ten years. I’ve hit rock bottom before in my life, however this time it shattered me. Yet I survived and now thrive. You can as well.

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The 6 Daily Habits That Made Picasso Curiously Happy

Picasso first stormed into my life when I was an arty and rebellious teenager and I discovered his monumental painting of five naked women. They looked like they knew some very advanced jujitsu moves, and had done several rounds in the ring with Muhammad Ali. Picasso was prolific. Here are six daily habits that helped make him so.

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